Lily is able to communicate with Isis in spiritual ways in the light of information she has learned from Henry. Isis, who hasn’t been out of her own division in the temple for centuries, following this communication, exits and activates symbols. The God soldiers who came to the temple in the bodies where they had come to life with the symbols passing through once again enter the Isis’ commands. Isis, who commands her soldiers to contact Lily who communicates with them, passes through her throne again and returns to her division.
Lily, who has listened to Henry who tells the soldiers that will come and get her before, takes help of Sophia and makes her Osiris makeup. Then the same night, the God soldiers take Lily to the temple and Lily has no difficulties for them about going with. As Lily comes to the temple, she reacts as if she has seen Osiris in the face of Isis, who is in his place again, and begins to speak in an undefined language. Lily, who had previously heard from Henry, knows what answers will reply Isis. After Lily responds on the same language, Isis accepts it as Osiris. Isis, who places the symbols back in place, sends troops and goes with Lily in the second part.
Meanwhile, Sophia, fearful of Lily being taken away, informs Alex and asks for his help. Alex, who comes home immediately , starts looking for Lily out of the way Sophia tells, but already in vain. Alex, who does not give up, finally finds Henry.
In the morning, Lily speaks to Isis, telling her that her life in the world left half finished and she wants to end her life there and come back to temple. Isis, who does not object to what Lily says, sends her back with the soldiers again.
Lily returns, not to the house, but directly to Henry’s shop and catches up Alex to kill Henry. Lily saves Henry and finds out what situation she’s in currently, decides to run away. Lily departs from there and goes with Alex to the little chalet which he bought a while ago.
Isis, waiting for Lily to return, orders Lily to return her troops to her after she does not return. The soldiers who come out of the temple find them in the chalet while Lily and Alex are asleep at midnight.
Lily wakes up in the morning, stands up and opens the windows and screams when she sees that they are not in the mountains but in the desert. The God soldiers moved the chalet in the middle of Egypt desert exactly in the same form as it’s used to be. As the incoming soldiers take Lily out, they tie Alex and tie up a bomb setup on him. After moving away from home, the soldiers who blow up the house among Lily’s horrified glances, take her back to the temple. Lily is lachrymosely now back in the face of Isis. Isis asks to Lily the reasons of tears, Lily tells her that they both owe him since he accompanied her in mortal life and she is not done yet with duties about him. Isis convinces what Lily tells and wants her to send back to desert, but Lily objects and tells her that she would like to go with herself instead of soldiers. Lily persuades Isis, saying that she can stay in the temple forever after this.
Isis and Lily are at the place where the house is blown up in the desert. Lily picks up parts of Alex’s head and sews there with the sewing material in the first aid chest that burst out from the house. When Lily is doing these things, time is passing by and the sun is about to rise. Isis, who has remained in the dark for centuries and almost forgotten the burning of the sun, is waiting for the lost moment in her concept when she almost forgets. Recognizing that the sun is about to be born, Lily goes slowly to Isis, aiming at seizing the symbols while the sun is burning her, and finally sending the first light of the sun. Accelerating her steps, Lily picks up the symbols falling from the neck of Isis, who blinks in the sun in the seconds and wears it to her own neck. Lily takes Alex’s head from ground and directly goes in the temple.
Lily walkes down the throne with Penelope, appears behind herself in the temple, takes the sculpture of the cobra snake, which is the symbol of Isis, stands on the throne, and puts Alex’s head on it and sits on the throne.